Last night we challenged our students a little and tried to let them experience a little bit of what it would be like to be a Christian in the underground church. i was a persecuter and had to "persecute" jr and sr high students on their way to find the church. . . it was a challenge, but so eye opening i think.

It is still so great to be a part of this family and it has been wonderful to get to know these people better, especially the high school girls, they are all so much fun to be around!!!

i get to go home Monday for the first time all summer and get to see my sister that i haven't seen for about 6 months :( So i am so excited about that!!!


i've been tested and tried more than i thought possible this week. . . i think i'm failing, haha.

i'm kind of joking. . . but it has been crazy. We've been going non-stop for over two weeks. With a trip to Atlanta, which was followed quickly by VBS. It has been such an amazing learning experience to see how i really work under pressure and under such amazing leadership.

Everyone here is awesome, it'll be SO hard to leave in a month and a half. But i am SO greatful for these amazing friendships that i've already been able to make.

Oh one last thing, Emily- i miss you a lot!!!


It's so cool when God puts something on someone else's heart about you and what you've been going through. God chose to place an AMAZING person in my life this summer to learn from and strengthen my faith in Christ. . . So i'm not making any money and living situation is interesting. But i would NEVER trade anything for what i've learned in these 2 weeks. Wow. God is SO GOOD!!!