Who was on America's Funniest Home Videos tonight, twice?


Hilarious, right?
I'm trying to find a copy of the video.
When I do, I'll post it!


i liked that i am independent.
i liked that i can seem like nothing ever bothered me.
i liked that i will always listen, hardly ever talk.
i liked that i have my own ways of handling life.

Now i realize that all of these have made me
more dependent than ever
run from everything
not know how to deal with things
push a lot of people away

i am at that place now where the Lord wants me.
Where i know in my heart that a life without Him is no life at all.
Where my weakness is all i have.
Where the only word i seem to understand is surrender.
surrender meg, surrender.


Most people probably aren't aware that many things that we don't even think about
that we eat/drink/wear on a daily basis aren't made in the most ethical of ways.

But especially chocolate.
Did you know that Mars company that sells M&Ms, Dove chocolate, twix and snickers
cannot guarantee that their chocolate is "traffik free?" 
After many companies have seen this problem and willingly made huge changes,
Mars company has been putting it off since 2005. 
SLAVE LABOR for something we enjoy without second thought. 

I am not comfortable with that.
There's a non-profit that I am very passionate about called 
"Stop the Traffik." Based out of London, this organization
works to stop the traffiking of people and educates 
on products that you can buy instead and helping to educate
and fight for the rights of those who can't fight themselves.

I won't apologize for this plug, I know it can be touchy,
but I think people need to know.


So maybe I sound dramatic, but I kind of feel like an Israelite wandering through the desert.
Not really sure of anything but the promised land.
At times completely forgetting what God has done in my life up to this point.
Forgetting how He miraculously rescued me.

Luke Wood is a worship leader at IHOP, probably my favorite.
He wrote this song called Hosea and you should listen to it.

At least read these lyrics. 



good things.

I have come to give you life
And to show you how to live it
I have come to make things right
To heal their ears and show you how to forgive them

Because I would rather die
I would rather die
I would rather die
Than to take your life 
-Derek Webb

I really love this song and have been encouraged by it so much this week.
I really am not good at being a Christian. 
I am still learning that I am nothing on my own.


life is happening

I just finished my application for the Peace Corps.

It feels weird.

I'm getting ready to start/submit my applications for
  • Teach for America
  • LanguageCorps
  • Moody Grad School
  • And a few randoms.

Wish me luck. Or Blessings? 


guardian-sandra mccracken

i'm in a constant search for hope right now.

this song by sandra mccracken is what i want to hope in,
it hasn't been that easy for me though.

Hold on to me, when you are so tired
When you are so tired
Of holding up your head

Steady on your feet, I will not let you stumble
Will not let you stumble
I will not fall asleep

When you go out, when you come home
Like a hedge, like a shield,
I'll be your guardian

When you are afraid, look out to the mountains
Look out to the mountains
To the one who keeps you safe


You totes suck

Tonight while walking to the library to study for my non-ending test/paper week I saw these two guys dashing toward the engineering building. I wondered what he was doing but before I could contemplate too much he dives into these bushes. I then realize that he's chasing a (or do you use an?) opossum. So then he finds the opossum and starts kicking it SO hard. He kicks it like five times. . .and this opossum is getting some air. I mean the guy is wailing on it. He keeps kicking it and kicking it. I'm quietly walking by on the sidewalk but then I get really disgusted and I'm on the phone with my friend freaking out. Because then the guy kicks the opossum so hard and the opossum gets more air and then -smack- lands on the sidewalk and I'm almost positive it was dead. . .

So that's what happened on the way to the library.

And then I called the forum, because what else do you do when you are an outraged college student?

click this for gooooooood music.


For Christ's love compels us

I wish I was so gifted with the use of words.
Words that could explain the restlessness of my heart .
If not words I wish I could explain through music or art-sometimes I feel so untalented.

I don't want to become angry with the world because it's where I am.
For a reason.

Pero en realidad es muy difícil para mi ver este mundo y ver buenas cosas. Yo veo un mundo que necesita Dios y no soy un ejemplo bueno de este amor. Muchas de las cosas en mi vida yo veo como cosas que no son necesarios como escuela, taca taca taca. Yo paso asi mucho tiempo con preocupación de mis notas y con tarea, clases, etc. . . Estas cosas se parece asi mundano. No deseo las cosas del sueño americano. No quiero una gran casa con un lexus y una piscina. Yo quiero una vida que lo grita el amor de Cristo. No quiero desperdiciar mi vida.

So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love. 1 Cor. 13:13


As my spanish teacher said to our class today: "You over analyze everything!" Even though she was talking about our choice of ser/estar with past participles, adjetivos, preposiciones, etc. . . it was a good way to be reminded of life and the over complicating mess we sometimes find ourselves in. I've had a huge reality check this week.

Working at the library causes me to open many books a day to catch short sentences.
Today while I was shelving some books I opened the 2007 refugee journal and had my heart broken once again. Then I remembered the beautiful Somalian families and children we met this summer working with freedom fire. I am in the process of looking for Refugee organizations to work for after graduation. . . These kids don't have a home anymore. . .
Statistics say 8.4 million, and that's from 2006.
I'm not trying to be that commercial,
but seriously. . . think about that.


I need to learn that it's okay to cry. I know that sounds so dramatic and cliché, but I never cry.

Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth, overlying our hard hearts. ~Charles Dickens


I haven't been able to get something off of my mind today. . . 
A Piano.
I went to the Nelson-Atkins museum during Christmas break with a friend of mine. Walking through the photography part of the museum, I was taken back by this picture of a piano. It was taken in Spain, I believe, and the lighting is perfect. It's beautiful. I stood there and looked at it for five minutes and had to look at it again before leaving and now I cannot stop thinking about it. I wanna go back. NOW. Or this weekend.

Pointless post, but I love art.