You totes suck

Tonight while walking to the library to study for my non-ending test/paper week I saw these two guys dashing toward the engineering building. I wondered what he was doing but before I could contemplate too much he dives into these bushes. I then realize that he's chasing a (or do you use an?) opossum. So then he finds the opossum and starts kicking it SO hard. He kicks it like five times. . .and this opossum is getting some air. I mean the guy is wailing on it. He keeps kicking it and kicking it. I'm quietly walking by on the sidewalk but then I get really disgusted and I'm on the phone with my friend freaking out. Because then the guy kicks the opossum so hard and the opossum gets more air and then -smack- lands on the sidewalk and I'm almost positive it was dead. . .

So that's what happened on the way to the library.

And then I called the forum, because what else do you do when you are an outraged college student?

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Sarah said...


I will look for your e-mail!

R.W. Shipshape said...

That's totally disturbing. That crazy man should know opossum-kicking does not sit well with the ladies.

Booooo to him!

rachel rianne said...

uhh. whaat??
that's the kind of thing that i'd have to stop and think about whether you can charge someone with abuse or something. that's so wrong. and i can't believe you had to witness it. ...easy day ruiner.

Jenna said...

I might have been dead, but maybe it was just pretending to be dead. Opposums are known for doing that you know.

Billy said...

Let's just hope it was pretending.

Pastor Paul actually talked about a "dead" possum that later came back to life. They go lifeless when they are threatened for survival.

Either way... I'd love to have seen that.

Rob said...

My school paper publishes the crime whatever incidents are reported to campus security. Once someone reported that a faculty member punched a pigeon and threw it in the garbage.

I guess some people just get all nuts on the wildlife.