Most people probably aren't aware that many things that we don't even think about
that we eat/drink/wear on a daily basis aren't made in the most ethical of ways.

But especially chocolate.
Did you know that Mars company that sells M&Ms, Dove chocolate, twix and snickers
cannot guarantee that their chocolate is "traffik free?" 
After many companies have seen this problem and willingly made huge changes,
Mars company has been putting it off since 2005. 
SLAVE LABOR for something we enjoy without second thought. 

I am not comfortable with that.
There's a non-profit that I am very passionate about called 
"Stop the Traffik." Based out of London, this organization
works to stop the traffiking of people and educates 
on products that you can buy instead and helping to educate
and fight for the rights of those who can't fight themselves.

I won't apologize for this plug, I know it can be touchy,
but I think people need to know.


Jenna said...

If that interests you... you should do some research on the coca-cola company, especially in India. You'd be horrified. I no longer drink coke products.

Check out Hershey's too, you'd be equally apalled. I try not to eat Hershey's either... sometimes I do it unknowingly thoug.

Jenna said...

Very brief rundown of what's is/has been for awhile in India.

In many parts of India, the traditional way of living is subsistence. Coca-Cola has come in and bought a lot of their land to build their plants on, and basically forced the people into labor (colonization). It takes MASSIVE amounts of water to run a coca-cola plant. Not only that, but it shoots out a lot of contaminated water. The CC company has bought the land, and the people are too poor to go elsewhere, so they have to work for them. They can no longer grow crops because the land is not their own. Some crops are grown on the land though, but only cash crops (tobacco, coffee, etc) nothing that is helpful to sustaining them. Because the Indians on this land have no where to go and work when CC comes in, they work there and are paid a RIDICOULOUSLY SMALL wage. Certainly not enough to live on. The result, poverty. The lives of millions of people torn all so CC can make an easy $.

Jenna said...

Oh, sorry, I forgot to finish talking about the water. Because it takes so much water, the drinking water (which was once stable) is now scarce. Now even the water that they have to drink is polluted.