music does something to me that i cannot explain.
i will listen to any genre of music and will most likely enjoy it, unless it's on pop radio which generally just makes me mad. there is some music in my life that i can listen to and get really, really happy. such as:

1. horse feathers- i know, awful name, but i'm telling you. . . well i can't describe it, listen for yourself. Here.
2. margo may-yes, you probably know her. i can listen to glory, sweet glory and be set for the day. it's beautiful. her voice is beautiful. Listen! 
3. the new frontiers-although no longer together, i think their music is so great and has gotten me through a few days of working at the library. Give 'er a try. 
4. Soap&Skin- i will never apologize for my taste in music. EVER. This artist is pretty insane, but insanely good. i dare you to listen to her. Soap&Skin.
5. the welcome wagon-thank you, sufjan for helping other musical geniuses spread the love. love them. 

P.s. God is great. so great. so great. so, so great. 


What is love without much risk?

I cannot fathom the freedom that the Lord offers me but I am in love!
I had a really great weekend and saw a few very specific prayers answered.

He is so great.

You know what I am so excited for? SS '09 babaaaaay. . . and my birthday on June 8th. Same as Kanye. . . what, what?!?

P.s. I saw a trash truck on campus. . . it said refuse|recycling but I read refuse like refuse, not refuse. . . as though it was an ANTI-recycling truck and I was soooo confused until I realized it was refuse as in a synonym for trash and then I felt stupid and wondered why I'm in college. I think that was confusing. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Thursday morning happenings.

I absolutely love KSU's ability to produce wonderful people.

Today I saw a man in a kilt. 
I rate my day at a 103% because of it.


surreal elevator moments.

I had two really funny things happen. . . both having to do with elevators.

I work at the library and I was walking by this hallway. . . I look down it to see the elevator closing on what seemed like a scene from a murder movie. Two older people one man and one woman wearing trench coats down to the floor. The man was wearing sunglasses and the woman had her knee propped up, seeming to say "Make one move and I'm ready to come after ya!" And then the elevator door closed and I felt like I'd woken up from a dream, but it was real life. I swear.

Second thing. Talked to a very dear friend on the phone today and she was saying how much relationships frustrate her. She asked me how to keep a man around (I'm clearly the LAST person to ask about this) but nonetheless, I gave her the only answer that I will stake my life on. I said haven't you heard the Beyonce song? All the single ladies. . . she says the key is to put a ring on it. However, after getting on the elevator I realized I had very little signal. So I kept asking "Haven't you heard Beyonce's song?" and she would reply "What?" And I'd say it again louder. . . and I heard the guy to my right let out a HUGE sigh. And I think it was the longest elevator ride of my life. No kidding.

Oh Mondays. . .

I also saw the most LEGIT cowboy on campus today. It was intense. He was wearing a hankerchief around his neck. . . a real one, not a trendy one. And the way he walked was possibly more confident than a supermodel.

Yes. Funny Monday.


dreams of spring.

I remember my dreams every single night and my dreams are insanely vivid.
Because of this, sometimes I think it's comical to look at dream dictionaries
and see if I can't interpret a few things in my life.
Last night I had a dream that I was driving through Colorado and it was Spring!!!
There were green trees everywhere and I was so excited.

To dream of the season of spring, signifies new beginnings and creative endeavors. It is also a symbol for warmth, virility and fruitfulness.

I guess we'll have to see what happens.

That's a pretty vague interpretation.


spring. . . i smell you!

"What kind of computer do you have?" -my friend from texas.
"A MacBook."-me.
"I knew it."-my friend from texas.
"Because you're liberal."-my friend from texas.

Hilarious? Not sure.

Okay Profesora Sauter. . .
My least favorite teacher kept us over in class for five minutes.
She is crazy.
I cannot, cannot, cannot wait for tevals this year.


I guess you could say I'm falling.

So here are a few things that I can confidently say I love.

This is that one website that I will literally go and then an hour passes and I cannot believe it.
A wonderful, wonderful website that, if you are in love with music will make your soul come alive. . . that may be phrased a bit intensely but at least you will get the point.
Daytrotter Session.
Please and thank you. Currently slightly obsessed with the band Husband & Wife.
Canvas Painting.
I have found there's little in life that can make me feel as free as a blank canvas and some paints. I am not an extremely gifted artist, but may I say that I feel like Picasso when I paint. I LOVE IT!
Sigur Rós.
Listen to them. Your mind will be blown.

Hope you love them too.


See that picture at the top of my page?
I took it at the konza.
I get to go there this weekend with
a wonderful friend and we are
going to picnic, and take pictures,
and take naps, and play the guitar.
It will be perfect.

Romans 1:20
For his invisible attributes,
namely, his eternal power and divine nature,
have been clearly perceived,
ever since the creation of the world,
in the things that have been made.
So they are without excuse.

School is hard.
I am bad at time management.
I looooooove my new job.
I am really trying to understand and apply the love of God in my life.


i made some changes in my life. . .
then it was pointed out that i had un-consciously made a lot of changes.

1. Giving up "regular" stores for 6 months.
Reasons for this:
*I have recently been reading up and learning about how so much of what we buy is made so, incredibly un-ethically.
*Thrifting causes a person to explore creativity like never before!

2. Giving up dyeing my hair.
Reasons for this:
*When I realized I didn't know what my natural hair color was anymore, I realized it was time to stop.
*Not dyed hair=Not dead hair.

3. Writing at LEAST one letter a week, for 54 weeks. . .(are there 54 weeks in a year?)
Reasons for this:
*I know if I write tons of letters eventually I will get one back.
*I feel that writing letters is almost a stress-reliever.

4. No more piercings all year.
Reasons for this:
*Although it may not seem like a big deal I realized that since coming to college I've gotten a new piercing almost every 6 months. That is RIDICULOUS.
*Save money and be satisfied.

I want this year to be about living simply. My dear friend Ana does not realize how much she has opened my eyes to a simple life. I think the Lord honors it!

I know Walt Whitman may be a bit scandalous, but this is seriously probably my favorite quotation of all times:

"Simplicity is the glory of expression."
-Walt Whitman

Love you friends.


i've decided to share some strange things that i have eaten during my 20 years of life.

This, my friends, is a sweet mexican candy called lucas which is made out of tamarindo. Looks nasty, tastes sooooo good. I bought so many the summer that i lived in Mexico for a month.

Now this. . . could be making some of your mouths water. For me, however, I would rather eat those really good green beans from the freezer section. Mmmmm. I hate meat. I have never, ever tried meat that I've just been like oh, wow. . .that's soooo good. So if you one day help me accomplish that-kudos.

SUSHI!!! Sushi is one of my favorite foods in the world. The best sushi I've ever had is at Kona grill on the plaza and the best kind had a slice of raw salmon on the top. . . I'm telling you, it's perfection.

Last but not least. . . my favorite fruit that I'm allergic to.
Best taste.
Best color.
Best smell.
Worst allergy.
I still can't talk about it w/o getting emotional.