music does something to me that i cannot explain.
i will listen to any genre of music and will most likely enjoy it, unless it's on pop radio which generally just makes me mad. there is some music in my life that i can listen to and get really, really happy. such as:

1. horse feathers- i know, awful name, but i'm telling you. . . well i can't describe it, listen for yourself. Here.
2. margo may-yes, you probably know her. i can listen to glory, sweet glory and be set for the day. it's beautiful. her voice is beautiful. Listen! 
3. the new frontiers-although no longer together, i think their music is so great and has gotten me through a few days of working at the library. Give 'er a try. 
4. Soap&Skin- i will never apologize for my taste in music. EVER. This artist is pretty insane, but insanely good. i dare you to listen to her. Soap&Skin.
5. the welcome wagon-thank you, sufjan for helping other musical geniuses spread the love. love them. 

P.s. God is great. so great. so great. so, so great. 

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Jake said...

maybe if you ever came home meg.