spring. . . i smell you!

"What kind of computer do you have?" -my friend from texas.
"A MacBook."-me.
"I knew it."-my friend from texas.
"Because you're liberal."-my friend from texas.

Hilarious? Not sure.

Okay Profesora Sauter. . .
My least favorite teacher kept us over in class for five minutes.
She is crazy.
I cannot, cannot, cannot wait for tevals this year.

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Jake said...

That is strange but true. The correlation between liberals and Macbooks. Hmmm...never really thought of it.

Or it could be put into 3 main categories. Macbook users are: a) Liberals b)"Granola" people who are overly indie/hippie for the sake of being indie or c) any other person who secretly thinks they are too cool for school.

PC people are a) cheap people who settle for less than spectacular computer equipment and b) secretly jealous of Macbook owners.