I guess you could say I'm falling.

So here are a few things that I can confidently say I love.

This is that one website that I will literally go and then an hour passes and I cannot believe it.
A wonderful, wonderful website that, if you are in love with music will make your soul come alive. . . that may be phrased a bit intensely but at least you will get the point.
Daytrotter Session.
Please and thank you. Currently slightly obsessed with the band Husband & Wife.
Canvas Painting.
I have found there's little in life that can make me feel as free as a blank canvas and some paints. I am not an extremely gifted artist, but may I say that I feel like Picasso when I paint. I LOVE IT!
Sigur Rós.
Listen to them. Your mind will be blown.

Hope you love them too.


rachel rianne said...

LOVE etsy.
wish i could be cool enough to sell stuff on it.

wish that could be my job.

..college is lame.

Anastasia said...

YOU blow my mind.

I like the fact that our weekend involved just about all of these.

P.S. You're the bestest tree painter in the whole wide world.

R.W. Shipshape said...

How refreshing that you find freedom in the blank canvas--most people find that part the most intimidating.