i made some changes in my life. . .
then it was pointed out that i had un-consciously made a lot of changes.

1. Giving up "regular" stores for 6 months.
Reasons for this:
*I have recently been reading up and learning about how so much of what we buy is made so, incredibly un-ethically.
*Thrifting causes a person to explore creativity like never before!

2. Giving up dyeing my hair.
Reasons for this:
*When I realized I didn't know what my natural hair color was anymore, I realized it was time to stop.
*Not dyed hair=Not dead hair.

3. Writing at LEAST one letter a week, for 54 weeks. . .(are there 54 weeks in a year?)
Reasons for this:
*I know if I write tons of letters eventually I will get one back.
*I feel that writing letters is almost a stress-reliever.

4. No more piercings all year.
Reasons for this:
*Although it may not seem like a big deal I realized that since coming to college I've gotten a new piercing almost every 6 months. That is RIDICULOUS.
*Save money and be satisfied.

I want this year to be about living simply. My dear friend Ana does not realize how much she has opened my eyes to a simple life. I think the Lord honors it!

I know Walt Whitman may be a bit scandalous, but this is seriously probably my favorite quotation of all times:

"Simplicity is the glory of expression."
-Walt Whitman

Love you friends.


WhiteTiger said...

52 weeks in a year, but who cares!

write me!!!

Annie Peterson said...

I love the writing one!

and, I don't officially work at IHOP, but I am on staff with TheCall. Do you know about TheCall?