i've decided to share some strange things that i have eaten during my 20 years of life.

This, my friends, is a sweet mexican candy called lucas which is made out of tamarindo. Looks nasty, tastes sooooo good. I bought so many the summer that i lived in Mexico for a month.

Now this. . . could be making some of your mouths water. For me, however, I would rather eat those really good green beans from the freezer section. Mmmmm. I hate meat. I have never, ever tried meat that I've just been like oh, wow. . .that's soooo good. So if you one day help me accomplish that-kudos.

SUSHI!!! Sushi is one of my favorite foods in the world. The best sushi I've ever had is at Kona grill on the plaza and the best kind had a slice of raw salmon on the top. . . I'm telling you, it's perfection.

Last but not least. . . my favorite fruit that I'm allergic to.
Best taste.
Best color.
Best smell.
Worst allergy.
I still can't talk about it w/o getting emotional.


rachel rianne said...

You're allergic to mangoes?????!
That's the saddest saddest thing I've ever heard!

I can't not go to the store without buying a few.
I'll keep my eye out for a perfectly mango flavored something that doesn't make you allergized.

My heart sincerely breaks for you my friend.

Jake said...

Sushi is meat you nincompoop.
So you have tried a meat and been like "wow, that's sooooo good."



Annie Peterson said...

The only time I've had real sushi, my favorite was the roll of rice with a slice of salmon on top too!

Annie Peterson said...

I don't think we've ever met...I found your blog through Annie Parson's blog (actually, her sister's). I live in Kansas City at IHOP, though, and I see you're in Kansas...I guess there's a chance we've met! Ever been to IHOP?