surreal elevator moments.

I had two really funny things happen. . . both having to do with elevators.

I work at the library and I was walking by this hallway. . . I look down it to see the elevator closing on what seemed like a scene from a murder movie. Two older people one man and one woman wearing trench coats down to the floor. The man was wearing sunglasses and the woman had her knee propped up, seeming to say "Make one move and I'm ready to come after ya!" And then the elevator door closed and I felt like I'd woken up from a dream, but it was real life. I swear.

Second thing. Talked to a very dear friend on the phone today and she was saying how much relationships frustrate her. She asked me how to keep a man around (I'm clearly the LAST person to ask about this) but nonetheless, I gave her the only answer that I will stake my life on. I said haven't you heard the Beyonce song? All the single ladies. . . she says the key is to put a ring on it. However, after getting on the elevator I realized I had very little signal. So I kept asking "Haven't you heard Beyonce's song?" and she would reply "What?" And I'd say it again louder. . . and I heard the guy to my right let out a HUGE sigh. And I think it was the longest elevator ride of my life. No kidding.

Oh Mondays. . .

I also saw the most LEGIT cowboy on campus today. It was intense. He was wearing a hankerchief around his neck. . . a real one, not a trendy one. And the way he walked was possibly more confident than a supermodel.

Yes. Funny Monday.


erica said...

a cowboy.
a murder mystery.
...what a monday you had.
i feel like it's a new upgrade of 'clue'.

i love your blog-and-your picture. way awesome.

Emily said...

I'm pretty sure i saw that cowboy that you were talking about today. His cowboy hat looks like it has seen a lot of years.