As my spanish teacher said to our class today: "You over analyze everything!" Even though she was talking about our choice of ser/estar with past participles, adjetivos, preposiciones, etc. . . it was a good way to be reminded of life and the over complicating mess we sometimes find ourselves in. I've had a huge reality check this week.

Working at the library causes me to open many books a day to catch short sentences.
Today while I was shelving some books I opened the 2007 refugee journal and had my heart broken once again. Then I remembered the beautiful Somalian families and children we met this summer working with freedom fire. I am in the process of looking for Refugee organizations to work for after graduation. . . These kids don't have a home anymore. . .
Statistics say 8.4 million, and that's from 2006.
I'm not trying to be that commercial,
but seriously. . . think about that.

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