sav came to visit for

But my life is worth nothing to me
unless i use it for finishing
the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus--
the work of telling others
the Good News
about the wonderful grace of God.
Acts 20:24

i absolutely love this verse.
If i don't tell others about my Savior
and what He has done for me,
i should simply consider my life nothing.


Melanie-Pearl said...

M-Thanks for the comment. It was nice to hear your words. It blesses me to know you were blessed!

I love your post here...that too, is the whole reason I participated in/organized Saturday night. Art brings about fun excuses to connect with & show others love.

Did you find my email add on my profile or at pearlprice.com? Write me there and we can talk about which piano photo I can send your way. ---Bless you, Melanie

Matt & Jenny said...

Hi Meghan, how ya doin?
Love ya much.

Corinne says hi too.