Satan frustrates me.
Makes me feel so 

i don't want to believe them. He knows though... he knows so well how to push us to our breaking point. He's devious... 

i can't get over the grace of God... i think about it all the time. 
He gives me my purpose. 
Whom have i in heaven but you!


KK said...

oh friend. he frustrates me too.
have you ever felt like really attacked one day? just like nothing could go right and your attitude was sour and the energy/life was sucked right out of you to the point where you almost ceased to function? that happened to me today.

i would love to hear about summer staff sometime.

Billy said...

I wish we could poke satan so hard he bled and died.
Oh wait... I guess Christ will do that for us one day!
Doesn't change the fact that he's a huge nerd and makes us feel like crap because of our inadequacies. I'll be praying for you my friend.

rachel rianne said...

satan sucks,
you're lovely.