He left the comfort of his throne to fight for victory.

Sometimes my heart hurts.
i can really and truly feel it hurting.
For many reasons.

*Satan has been getting to me. blah.
*Sometimes people don't give me grace. blah.
*i want a 4.0 and that means hard work. blah.
*i definitely hate letting people down. blah.

But i take a step back and i see my Savior.
i see how He is my grace. How he doesn't lead me into temptation.
And how He is my constant. And i truly believe this.
My soul is alive when I am in His presence.
When I choose to see Him in, through and around me, I become so alive.
And I can't explain it any other way.

This is why i can get up each morning.
Because i have a reason.
Love wakes me up.

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Emily said...

i love you so much, meg! you have an amazing heart and always encourage me.
why is it so hot?