i'm pretty sure my blog is of no
interest to most people . . .
that's okay.

It's an outlet. A great outlet.

While watching a video today, i have realized even more how
much my life is saturated by unbelief. i feel like it is an inescapable trap
which i am smothering in.

Where did my love, joy, my heart go?
i feel like they are gone from my life, my actions . . .

i feel very stuck. VERY stuck.


R.W. Shipshape said...

I relate to what you're saying. I think I despairingly uttered the same thing to friends yesterday.
They assured me that I was okay and that burnout happens.

Why is it, however, that normal things (like feeling stuck) feel so. so. bad??!

Nice to hear from you!

briansBAblog said...

No I read it! (says Brian 1.5 months later)

I just figured out how to see when people update their blogs : )