Not good... not bad... learning!

I see so much within me that isn't at all who i truly am.

He is so patient with me. How He does it, i do not know! i got so down this weekend. Because i see things i'm missing out on, because life is so different from how i imagined it. But i have so much to be thankful for. i do.

i love people. i would love to sit down with a stranger everyday and get to know them. Not just a casual How are you? But a true conversation. i'm genuine in my love toward people... maybe that's hard to tell. i'm not sure.

Oh... there's a new piercing i want really bad. It might be too weird though!


Melanie-Pearl said...

i once thought about getting a diamond embedded in my tooth. my husband nearly had a fit. i guess when you really want something for the right reason, it doesn't seem weird to you. the piercing does seem cool...but does look painful. maybe try it with silver eyeliner first? :)

ok, now for business: yeah, i'm still busy with bracelets. what can i do for you? if i remember correctly, i still owe you a piano picture, too.


Melanie-Pearl said...

thanks for asking: www.pearlprice.com

no shows right now, but you can come over and see some stuff. you could pick your piano out.

aren't you friends with Chanda, too? she comes over every thurs pm. you'd be welcome then or anytime.