Wedding in October. No, not mine!

so i'm headed to a wedding of a good friend this weekend...
it's going to be at a state park in Missouri
and it's going to look a little like this.

i have a feeling it's going to be the most beautiful wedding i've ever been to. Wanna know why?

1. i love, love, love autumn.
2. i REALLY love weddings.
3. Being outside is in the list of top 5 favorite things ever.
4. i really love doing things with my good friends.

People, when #1, #2, # 3 and #4 are combined. . . well, it doesn't get much better than that.


enialeacire said...

ummmmm yes please. please please please.
starting this monday i should be free anytime after 5. love you girl. love your pictures too! FALL.

Lizbeth said...

meg i love you.
and i am seriously thankful for you.
that is the truth.