Is it thursday yet?

I am sick. 
something that I'll admit, I am a very selfish sick person.
I like when people feel bad for me.
I can't smell anything, or taste anything.

Good news: 
I'm done with finals Tuesday and I cannot, cannot, cannot wait to go to KC 
and spend time with friends and my special friend. 

Other good news: 
I have a house for next year! A beautiful house. Thanks KK!!!

The only thing I'm not happy about? 
The weather. 
True story, I don't enjoy winter. 
I don't enjoy snow unless I can sit inside all day in front of a fire. 


kk said...


i would write more but i've avoided studying long enough

Jake said...

whiner, whiner.

erica said...

i love you.
i agree, winter, really? ha.
i hope finals went well (it's a little belated).
lets talk about life soon please...?