Slowly Changing. . .

i am about to be sooo trusting with whoever is reading this!

This was written in my journal,
i pray this over my own life. A prayer of perseverance, 
joy, brokenness and surrender. 

Within the matter of less than a week many things happened
that have caused me to lean into the Lord's arms.
And it has been beautiful. And hard.

I seriously have prayed once before that the Lord
would break me so that I would rely, and both
times He has surprised me with how literal it has been.

I have claimed a verse for this year and I love it. . .
Psalm 52:9
For what you have one I will always praise you in the presence
of your people. 
And I will hope in your name for your name is good. 

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tara said...

I miss you and am thinking of you - are you ever in Wichita?