I do not want to be an obnoxious blogger, but my day. . . seriously?

1. I cried in class. I never, ever cry. I cried in class. . . haha.
2. I fell walking up the stairs.
3. I got locked out of my room and had to pay $5 to get in.
4. Can't even touch on how unfit I am for my job.
5. Spanish quiz, what?
6. Yep, it's still winter.


tara said...

i'm sorry you have had a tough day - if you were here i would give you a hug and a hot chocolate

Emily said...

Love you, Meg!

steph moore! said...

i think that calls for some sweats and a book...forget about the world around you!

i love you friend. miss you like crazy...and love every note and message i get from you. i think you should go home and visit your family........and then drive three more hours to me!