you have my attention.

Someone gave me a few barbies once. 
i almost threw them away but this week i've found multiple things they are good for.
1. Hanging her from the bunk bed=scaring your roommate.
2. Taking her to bluestem to hang out.
3. Taking pictures of/with her to brighten/scare people's days. 

5 days left of human needs=only 5 more days 
to be severely entertained by Ms Kellett's sweet-awesome outfits. 

5 days left of Spanish lit=only 5 more days
to act like i'm interested in the topic
so my teacher will keep giving me free A's. 
Hahaha, but seriously.


sar.yoc said...

has she worn the entirely purple outfit complete with the purple heels?

i understand your pain, so glad fall semester is over.

Matt & Jenny said...

Do you got somethin' against black barbies or what?