i am going to die.

Ok... read this.


i mean seriously... apparently the use of lip gloss can increase the risk of cancer.

This is scary for multiple reasons.
One reason is this:
** My lips are not small. Not only does it take more to cover my lips, but i do so enjoy using lip gloss as well. So now not only am i increasing my chance for cancer simply because i love it, but since my lips are so large i use tons.
Second reason is this:
**Doesn't help at ALL that my favorite song happens to be entitled "Lip Gloss." So now i'm not only concerned for my lips, but my ears as well. i'm now listening to the lyrics "lip gloss." Here's an excerpt:

"Mac mac Lorial yep 'cause I'm worth it
Love the way I put it on so perfect
Wipe the corners of my mouth so I work it
When I walk down the hallway they can't say nothing
Oh oh oh my lips so luscious
The way I spice it up with the mac mac brushes
Lorial got the most watermelon crushes
That's probably is the why these boys got crushes…
'Cause My lip gloss
Is popping is popping
Is popping is popping
'Cause my lip gloss
Is popping is popping
Is popping is popping"

And this is why today, my realization is:

i am a lot closer to dying than i thought i was.


Sarah said...

Meg - love the blog and you're right it's very insightful! (I'm going to throw away all my lip gloss!!)

Emily said...

hahahahahahahaha i love you meg.
good thing i dont use lip gloss.

Emily said...

you've been tagged!
go look at my blog!