With Divine Retribution...

This is where i was yesterday... i'm in love.
i'm so overwhelmed right now. With summer staff starting in 2ish weeks
and just really missing my friends in Manattan...
i'm a little discouraged because i feel inadequate to be
a summer staffer. Yes, i love Jesus a lot and i know He'll use me, teach me, and stretch me in tremendous ways this summer... i think i just have cold feet.
Probably Normal.
On top of all these crazy thoughts going through my head i am told this week by a friend that places i have faithfully supported for years are getting their products from sweat shops. So i am caught in this weird, weird place where i know i don't want anything to do with these organizations anymore, but knowing that means it's going to be harder to get things, probably more expensive, and honestly a struggle! But how can you continue doing the same things you've been doing once you're eyes have been opened to these huge injustices?
So there's a lot on my mind right now.

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