sun-kissed in cali...?

i was at the beach for two hours.
i never burn... i am a lobster.
It hurts to smile.
It hurts to sleep.
It hurts to do nothing.
And i'm a baby!
i am SOOOO thrilled... summer staff starts in two weeks.
As much as i do love these mountains, and the ocean
i still stop and am thankful for the openness of the Kansas plains...
i may be the only one who sees the beauty in them,
but seriously... it can be beautiful in Kansas!
i love the sun.
p.s. i'm looking for a bike... anyone selling one???


KK said...

i agree.
kansas is beautiful.
you just have to search for it a little harder than some places.

Emily said...

i have found many beautiful spots in kansas on my treks this weekend. i love it!